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[07 Oct 2020|10:05pm]

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[27 Sep 2020|03:56am]


NAME: Arielle
DISCORD: AylaRanzz84#5459
AVAILABILITY: Nights & Weekends


NAME: Sarawat Guntithanon
JOURNAL: Sarawat
PLAYED BY(please try to keep the PB ethnically appropriate): Bright Chiva-aree
FANDOM: 2Gether: The Series
CANON POINT: Still2Gether Episode 5


WHAT ARE YOUR INTENTIONS WITH THIS CHARACTER IN GAME? Sarawat has no super powers or supernatural abilities coming to him, his dreams are completely and utterly normal so it will be amusing when he experiences the craziness of the OC.

CANON HISTORY: A popular first-year college student from the Faculty of Political Science, football player, guitarist, member of the Music Club and of the club's band Ctrl+S. Though adored by his good looks, Sarawat is stoic and an introvert who does not have any social media accounts (except for his e-mail). Tine pursues him to become his fake boyfriend in order to give his gay admirer, Green, a strong competitor and make him back out eventually.

IN GAME HISTORY: Sarawat was born in Bangkok, Thailand two years after this parents met while his father was over from American, visiting family. Sarawat grew up in Thailand, but would taken frequent vacations in California where his father grew up. If asked which he preferred more, Sarawat could never answer that question, because there were thing about both Thailand and America that he liked and he even considered both places home because he had family in both places. However, since the majority of Sarawat’s mother’s family lived in Thailand they lived there the majority of the time, which was fine with his father at least until he got offered a job in California and after discussing it for a long time, his mother agreed to the move. At the time Sarawat was about to start college and for awhile he was content with staying in Thailand to attend school with his friends, but in the end he too decided to move with his parents to Orange County after he applied to college there, partly just to see if he would get in, but partly because while he acted like he would be fine on his own, part of him didn’t want to be that far away from his parents and younger brother.

Another reason Sarawat began thinking about moving to America with his parents was because of his sexuality. Sarawat had realized sometime in his early teens that he was gay and while it was legal in Thailand there were still some prejudices and he had always felt more comfortable being himself in America. He hasn’t yet come out to his parents, only his two closest friends in Thailand know at the moment and that was only because one of his friends came out as bisexual as well.

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